Rüdinger Freight Forwarder in Germany: We employ 450 People and We operate  180 Vehicles


We are proud to be one of the largest instructors in a wide area: meet our trainees in the picture above. We provide 180 drivers, and a total of 450 employees in six locations: In Krautheim, in Boxberg, in Dörzbach, in Osterburken, in Waldenburg, and in Weikersheim. A total of  450 reliable people ....


... plus we do not just buy trucks: We participate in the development of every next generation of special vehicles. That is true now meanwhile for decades. 180 trucks solve all special requirements to transport your goods.


The Rüdinger Germany Freight Forwarder Company's Fleet of Vehicles




27 ton (59,524 lbs.) payload with widened rear end.
12 (26,450 lbs.) ton empty-weight.
100m³ (3,531 cubic feet) of volume.

Sliding roof, rising top.


Megatrailer BIG-MAXX*


25 tons of payload (55,115 lbs).
Extra long trailerup of 14,9 m (48.8 feet).
110m³ volume equals 3,845 cubic feet.
Equipped with sliding top.

* permitted in Germany only.


Special Type XXL Trucks

Picture of specific truck will follow soon.


24 tons payload.
130m³ volume (4,591 cubic feet).
Rising top, sliding roof.

Rear end can be widened on demand.


Double Floor Loading

Picture of specific truck will follow soon.

Lightweight, non stackable goods can be hauled utilizing our double-floor-loading system.
The system allows a more efficient utilization of the trailer, as well as a reduce of transportation costs.
No stacking damage.
No expensive extra-packing.
24 tons (52,900 lbs.) payload.
Universal unloading-options.

2 floors: hight per each floor: 150 to 154 centimeters (4.92 feet to 5.05 feet).


Low-Load Tarp Curtain Trucks

Picture of specific truck will follow soon.

This vehicle is designed for extra-wide and/or extra-high products, such as for example machinery. Having some 100 own developed trucks, we are a market leader in Europe in the segment over width overhigh and cover.
High care transportation of high end machinery.
Quick + easy loading and unloading due to special vehicle design.
100% weather protected transportation.
Machines can be handled without packaging for road transport.
Short-Notice for availability of vehicle.

Long term permit for cargo up to a width of 3 m (9.8 feet) valid for Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Hungary.


Trucks for Products with a Height of up to 3.50 Meters (11.48 feet)

Picture of specific truck will follow soon.

Maximum measurement of trailers:

Height: 4 meters (157 inches).
Width: 5 meters (197 inches).
Length: 16.60 meters (54.5 feet).

Weight: Up to 40 tons (88,200 lbs.).


Trucks for Products with a height of up to 3.70 Meters (145.7 inch)


Optimized solutions for:

Extremely high and wide machinery and/or other equipment.
Wheel loaders.

High point loading.


Special equipment:

Widened rear.
Loading ramp.

Lifting roof.


Trucks with Lowrider Trailer with Detachable Gooseneck

Picture of specific truck will follow soon.



Transports up to 3.85 meters (12.63 feet) high under cover.
Easy loading and or offloading either by overhead crane.

Loading / offloading by fork-lift and or heavy-duty rollers is also possible.


Truck with Lowrider with Diagonal Removable Top


Top can be widened with this trailer up to 3.50 meters (11.48 feet).
Transport under cover is possible without any problems.
Net payload up to 34 tons (74.957 lbs).

100 % weather protected transportation.


Truck Equipped with Crane for Selfloading


This truck is designed to selfloading and/or unloading at site. Capability of crane:

21 meters (68.89 feet) overhang.
24 meters (78,74 feet) high.
Loading capacity up to 5,000 kilo (11,000 lbs.).
Cargo area on truck: 6 loading meters (19.68 feet) + trailer 8.5 loading meters (27.88 feet).

Net payload: 11 tons (24,250 lbs.) trailer + 9 tons (19,800 lbs.) on tractor.


Special Equipment for Vehicle Transportation

These trailers are designed to move a variety of different kind of vehicles:

Complete weather protection.
Not packing but yet secured.
Surface loading and unloading possible.
Loading ramps available.
Special trailer for very low riding equipment.