A Powerful Freight Forwarder in Southern Germany — We Specialize in Air Freight, Sea Freight, Container Transportation and Customs Services: Rüdinger Freight Forwarder Germany 

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Over a neat lineup of Rüdinger trucks, a large jet floats toward the viewer. It is a photomontage.
A huge container ship lies on the quay in a modern port. The cranes in the center of the image are dominant. In front is water, above blue, cloudless sky.
In a modern warehouse with blue shelve parts is a gate, only to a small part visible. On it is a sign ZOLL – DOUANE and on it is a Rüdinger cap. The shelves are full of goods.

A freight forwarder in Germany without offering air freight, ocean freight and customs services? Such a freight forwarder would be a local player only. Rüdinger offers all three services in high quality. Rüdinger: Your freight forwarder in Southern Germany  reliability for your goods far away from your home country.


Two rows of orange trucks with trailers stand neatly in a yard. In the background is forest and a hill. Above the scenery an airplane seems to fly towards the viewer. It is very low. But everything is just a photomontage.

Rüdinger Air Cargo Operations 

Embedded into a trucking company providing specialized road transport services especially to companies in the field of machinery production, we have extended our range of products to provide air cargo services to our clients since 2013.


Located in a rural but economically extremely strong region we are located in the triangle between Frankfurt to the Northwest, Stuttgart to the South and Nuremberg to the East, we decided to open our airfreight office in Stuttgart for several reasons. Stuttgart economically extremely strong yet as far as handling and terminal handling charges are concerned the location of Stuttgart Airport is very moderate. Stuttgart does connect nightly with several RFS to all major intercontinental airports, especially to Frankfurt.


We do treat our customers as “Partners in Trade” and do extend several services no likely to be extended to them by major logistics providers. Guiding our customers in so many ways is our goal of service. 

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A large unit of packed goods stands on the elevator in front of the cargo hold of a passenger airplane. No people can be seen, the sun is shining, the sky is cloudless.

Rüdinger Ocean Freight Operations 

As Rüdinger is a market leader in Europe in the field of oversized transportation by road undercover, we even developed – over the past years – special vehicles covering the needs of our customers, it was just a natural consequence for us to step into the field of ocean transportation. 


A huge container ship sails on the Elbe to Hamburg. You read NYK LINE. On the right side is dominant, from the top to the bottom of the picture a cute red / white lighthouse to see.

Rüdinger Customs Services 

The huge back part of a newly built warehouse with some packed goods. Between this area and the viewer is a red/white barrier with a STOP traffic sign in the middle. Instead of STOP, however, it says ZOLL-LAGER.

A reliable freight forwarder in Germany, familiar with German customs, means fewer worries, less fees and less problems far from your home country. That is what Rüdinger Freight Forwarder Germany offers customers worldwide. 


A view into the customs warehouse behind the barrier with full shelves. On this round traffic sign, white, with a red ring outside, is written CUSTOM – DOUANE, which means CUSTOMS.

Of course, Rüdinger Freight Forwarder Germany meets the restrictive customs rules in Germany. Our experts make sure, all customers don't have to deal with lost time, wrong shipment plus unnecessary costs.  


The slogan of the forwarding company in light blue font and underlined in orange: WIR KOMMEN GUT AN! / WE ARRIVE RELIABLY!