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The new administration building of the forwarding company. The middle part of the left gray area is a work of art created by an artist together with the employees of the logistics company.

How to Find Us


A special truck with trailer stands diagonally in front of the viewer. The trailer is a full-size work of art in blue and orange. On the right you can see the front half of the cab of a second truck.

Limitation of Liability

You can see a part of a long row of neatly parked trucks with trailers side by side. Behind are trees, above is blue sky with clouds.



It is a socalled "Gigaliner", an extra long truck of the company in orange and blue. It is standing right in front of a new built warehouse in the colors blue and orange.

Wir kommen gut an! ... is written in four light blue words. Underneath is an orange line. The translation is: We arrive reliably.