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Head of Department Martina Kainz is smiling heartily to the camera.

Head of Department

Air Cargo, Sea Freight, Customs


Martina Kainz

Tel.: +49 6294 908-48

Expert Thomas Schierholz is smiling to the camery.

Sea Freight: Office Hamburg 



Thomas Schierholz

Tel.: +49 4181 23233-20

Specialist Vincent von Bloh is smiling to the viewer.

Sea Freight: Office Hamburg 



Vincent von Bloh

Tel.: +49 4181 23233-21

Specialist Vasilios Papavramidis is smiling to the viewer.

 Air Cargo, Sea Freight, Customs: Office Stuttgart Airport 


Vasilios Papavramidis
Tel.: +49 6294 908-186

Expert Alexander Pflüger is looking to the camera.

 Air Cargo, Sea Freight, Customs: Office Stuttgart Airport 


Alexander Pflüger 

Tel.: +49 6294 908-187

You see the logo of the freight forwarder camera ending this page of the website. It is WIR KOMMEN GUT AN! ... which is WE ARRIVE RELIABLY!