Rüdinger Freight Forwarder in Germany: We Employ 660 People, and We Operate 220 Vehicles 

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Many young people in private clothes stand in front of a wall of the new building of the forwarding company, which was designed by an artist. All of them look at the camera.
A tractor unit is photographed from diagonally in front. The side tarp curtain is completely pulled open. A blue machine wrapped in foil is standing on the trailer floor. In the background, you can see another truck and the administration building.

We are proud to be one of the largest instructors in a wide area: meet our trainees in the picture above. We provide 220 trucks, and a total of 660 employees in seven locations: In Krautheim, in Boxberg, in Dörzbach, in Osterburken, in Waldenburg, Weikersheim and in Bad Mergentheim. 


From a huge array of neatly picked up trucks with trailers, one vehicle drives out and seemingly towards the viewer. Behind the trucks you can see forest, the sky is blue with white clouds.

... plus, we do not just buy trucks: We participate in the development of every next generation of special vehicles. That is true now, meanwhile for decades. 220 trucks solve all special requirements to transport your goods. 


The Rüdinger Germany Freight Forwarder Company's Fleet of Vehicles 

A scheme clarifies the dimensions and purpose of the truck. On the left side are three photos, on the right side is the matching drawing with data in each case.
On the left you can see three photos of trucks for different purposes. On the right side are the appropriate drawings, dimensions and description of purpose.
On the left is the photo of a particularly large truck loaded with a machine. On the right is a schematic drawing of this truck. Together with the dimensions.
On the left are three pictures of special trucks, on the right side are the matching drawings and the sizes.
In the left third of the picture there are three photos of huge trucks with trailers. The right side shows these trucks as a drawing, and you are informed about the dimensions.
Two "long trucks" are shown in two pictures in the left third of the page. In the two right thirds, these trucks are shown as a drawing and you get the dimensions.
WE ARRIVE WELL! ... the motto of the forwarding company. You can see the light blue lettering and the orange line underneath. Of course, it's German, which is Wir kommen gut an!