We Operate Seven Locations in Germany: With Capacity of Expansion 

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The whole pride of our forwarding company. The latest section of our administrative building is decorated with a work of art in orange and blue. To the right and left are gray parts of the building, and to the right is a part in orange.

Our head office in Krautheim, Hohenlohe county in the State of Baden-Württemberg. 


Cross Dock Merge in Transit Facilities in Krautheim, Southern Germany — At Our Main Location, We Can Offer:

Here are the warehouses used for short-term storage, transshipping of goods/cross dock and unique dimensional merchandise. We have special lifting equipment of all kind designed for handling goods not suitable for standard pallet dimensional skidding.


A bird's eye view, photographed by a drone: Buildings, as well as trucks and trailers of the forwarding company. The many photovoltaic systems on the roofs are particularly noticeable. There is a lot of green nature around the complex.

Headquarters and warehouses of Rüdinger Freight Forwarder in Southern Germany. 


Location Boxberg: A Total of 16 Warehouses Designed for Various Types of Storage Needs

Really many warehouses can be seen in this photo, taken from the air with a drone. Each of the warehouse roofs is equipped with photovoltaic systems.

Each building is equipped with protective insulation and therefore relatively stable in temperature, having a fluctuation in temperature of maximum 1-degree centigrade. The total storage-area is 30,000 m² (323,000 ft²). 


Our Warehouses in Dörzbach 

From the neighboring vineyards one looks – from above – at three newly built warehouses with some trucks in front of them. Many private cars can also be seen. Around the complex is green nature.
Two new warehouses next to an old warehouse are photographed with a drone. On the new buildings are photovoltaic systems.

This location has five warehouses. This Storage can be utilized for both high-shelving and block storage. Additionally, there is a pick & pack area. The total storage-area is 12,600 m² (129,000 ft²).


Our Warehouses in Osterburken

Six newly built warehouses are located in an industrial development area, all of them have photovoltaics on their roofs. Well-tended lawns grow between the halls, and on the left of the picture you can see the forest beginning.

This location has six warehouses. The total storage-area is 20,400 m² (220,000 ft²).


Our Warehouses in Weikersheim

Surrounded by older buildings, you look down on several newly built warehouses. Four of the six have photovoltaics on their roofs. It is photographed with a drone.

This location has six warehouses. The total storage-area is 16,600 m² (179,000 ft²).


Our Warehouses in Waldenburg

On the edge of a residential area you can see three newly built warehouses. It is an aerial view from a drone. Around the three new warehouses, the ground surface is not yet built on, but it is also no longer pristine.

This location has three warehouses.  Two warehouses are under construction. The total storage-area is 12,200 m² (131,000 ft²).


Our Warehouses in Bad Mergentheim

In the neighborhood of another commercial complex you can see a huge warehouse, photographed from the air by a drone.

This location has one warehouse.  Two warehouses are under construction. The total storage area is 5,000 m² (54,000 ft²).


The logo of the forwarding company: WIR KOMMEN GUT AN! ... means WE ARRIVE RELIABLY! The four words are in light blue, the line underneath is in orange.