Rüdinger Spedition: Rüdinger Freight Forwarder in Krautheim, Hohenlohe, Southern Germany 

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Two rows of many, huge trucks are perfectly positioned. In the middle, a truck drives away from the viewer. It has a special tarp, which is a work of art in blue and orange. In the background is forest and a blue sky with white clouds.

A strong freight forwarder in Germany and a partner in the C5C association "Connecting 5 Continent". The Rüdinger Headquarters is located halfway between Frankfurt and Stuttgart.


A map shows the 7 location of Rüdinger facilities. The locations are represented by town entrance traffic signs.

All Rüdinger Freight Forwarder facilities are located close to the Autobahn net in Germany. In Krautheim the headquarters is located. 


The logo of the company: Wir kommen gut an! in blue font, the underline below it is orange. The translation is: We arrive reliably!